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boring shit about my life...blah blah blah

Aug. 30th, 2009 | 11:15 pm

you have been warned D:Collapse )

Anime Expo

Jul. 5th, 2009 | 08:21 pm
location: Chicago!!

Right now I'm sitting in LAX bored out of my mind, trying to relax the best I can. This weekend (Thur-Sat, I guess) has been wonderful. Anime Expo was better than I could have ever hoped it to be. Thank you everyone who I met and got to hang out with. It was so wonderful to be around so many wonderful people!! I hope I can see yall again soon!!

I am so exausted and scared. I'm headed to NYC today to go to my precollege program. My friend, Nicole, warned me about how tedious, yet rewarding, her experience has been this far. I'm a generally lazy person so I worry that I won't have the stamina to endure hours and hours of creative work. C'est la vie, we'll see how things go... And besides, I'll be in NEW YORK!! :O yay!! Ironically, i never gave a thought to living there until last year or so... Hmm...

Well, anyway, I might as well talk about AX. First of all, AMAZING, probably the best Anime con i've ever gone to. I got to MEET Morning Musume, I got to see Kammie and Michael again, I met so many new friends, and I got to see some of my friends from Colorado too. I actually went to some panels (Morning Musume and Tsunku), went to Last Comic Standing, went to a concert, and got my first autograph at a con. I feel as if I spent half my life in the artist alley/deadler's room, lol.

Day 1 (Thursday, July 2):
My Dad, brother, and I left Denver around 8 and flew into LAX around 9 or 10. We rented a PT Cruiser that after 10 minutes of driving broke down on the side of the highway and smoked like flipping crazy. It was sooo strange. We waited an hour for the rental ppl to do SOMETHING. Some cops pulled over and treated us like criminals. I always do my drug deals on the side of the highway whilst my car smokes in the background. Ummm, yeah. I guess the cop was training or something and he kept coming over to me and talking to and being all suspicious. Its a 17 year old girl dressed in a doll-like outfit and her tubby autistic brother in the back. Wow, must be packing heat! But whatever... So anyway, a while later after waiting in the hot car and hot sun, the mechanic and another guy came to pick us and drive us to the rental place again. We got a new car and we were back on our way to AX.

I got to the con around 1 or so and I was freaking out because the morning musume panel was at 2 or 2:30 or something. I rushed in, got my badge, and ran to the panel room. I was actually pretty early. The mad rush to get good seats was pretty rediculous, though. I was probably 7 or 8 away from the front, and in the center. Never have I seen so many creepy Asian men play musical chairs without the music DX the guy sitting next to me was such a pedobear and kept blowing weird kisses to momusu. D: when they all came onstage I was so freakin excited! I couldn't believe I was in the room with them, it was so surreal! At the end of the panel they only gave out 500 autograph tickets, which didn't garentee an autograph but gave priority to the ppl who had them. I was so scared, but I got one! Yes!!

Anyway, after the panel I decided to go look for Kammie and the morning musume booth cuz I had nothing better to do and both were pretty easy to find considering both were in the big dealer's room/artist alley room. I couldn't find the momusu booth, but I did find the Starry Candy Box booth. I was surprised that they had tiara rose and cherry berry bunny. Most of the stuff I wanted (purses, headdresses, and socks) got sold before I had the chance to buy it :( but that's probably a good thing because I need to have money for my New York trip. LOL. Anyway, after taking a gander at all the AP, I wandered around the artist alley and found some pretty deco sweets and loli accessories booths, though Kammie's sweets jewelry is probably my favorite. I eventually found Kammie, Michael, and two other lolitas, Hanna and Kim. Kim and I both were wearing macaron so we took a few twininh pictures together. My bangs were acting up, though, it was so bad D: (I got them cut the day before and they are SHORT, especially when they curl over!!) oh well... So Hanna, Kim, and I wandered around for a bit and visited Lauren's (kuramew) booth and a few other booths. I also really love Lauren's jewelry! We eventually wandered back to Kammie's booth (as if it has a magnet or something!) and helped her pack up. Kim stayed back while Hanna's Dad drove Kammie, Michael, Hanna, and I to Kammie and Michael's hotel so they could drop off their stuff. Hanna's Dad then dropped us off at the Liberty Grill where a lolita meetup was supposed to take place. The organizer didn't show, I guess, so it was Hanna and me in lolita, Michael and Kammie in regular clothes, a brolita who had the most ADORABLE shoes, and another girl lolita and her bf, his sister and her sister. The dinner was ok. Hanna's Dad drove Kammie and Michael back and I just walked to the convention center. I tried to get in touch with my friend, Amy, but I couldn't so I just went home and dropped like a rock.

Day 2 (Friday, July 3):
I forgot to get tickets for Morning Musume so I got them as soon as I arrived at the con. I then found a few lolitas to hang out with and we waited for the dealer's room to open up. It was really stupid: we had to wait outside after waiting inside and then being told we couldn't go in the doors we were waiting by. But we did find Kim and Becausedead (fuck, can't remember names D:) and took a few pictures with them. We then went into the room and looked around. I found the Momusu booth and bought $80.25 worth of crap. It was sooo amazing, though, because at the booth they had some of the old stage costumes of the group *3* omg, I love costumes!! Anyway, after more wandering in went over toward main events and heart Momusu's soundcheck!! I was dancing and singing X3 then I got pizza and ate like the fat man I am. Along came another lolita, Tara (how do you spell it? And what's her lj name? D:) who looked amazing in her red Alice dress (can't remember the name of the print... I don't follow Baby's print names :[ ) She was looking for a loli meetup, lol. Eventually the lolis from earlier in the day, Emily and Cindy (I think those were their names!! DX) came over and we looked at a magazine and took a few pictures. They went to the Moi dix Moi panel, I think, and I went to the Morning Musume concert. I had a shitty seat and sat next to a bunch of unenthusiastic people. It was sad :( apparently there were 7500 ppl there, and even Mana went XD but it was an awesome concert. I had to watch the big screens since rveretone was too tall and I couldn't see the girls. It really pissed me off because they didn't show the girls who were actually talking/singing on the big screen cuz they're retarded D: but oh well. I cried when they played "Resonant Blue" because it finally hit me that I was THERE. OMG! And when they played "I WISH" I was practically bawling. Then they played "Happy Summer Wedding", which was the first song of theirs that I heard, I cried some more. XD it was just so strangely emotional. :3 they played "3 2 1 Breaking Out" twice, though o_O;; and there was no encore even though everyone cheered for one. Oh well...

After the concert I went down to the dealer's room and found Kammie's booth again, lol. I sat behind the booth for a bit and eventually at 6 helped Kammie, Michael, and Thalia (sp?) pack up. We all went outside to take a few pictures and were bombarded with photographs XD Kammie and Thalia were just too cute!! And Kammie matched with my Sugary Carnival. I feel bad for Michael because he was stuck watching us take pictures for half an hour. Kammie then bought us all icecream because she's sweet like that X3 it was funny watching everyone eat their icecream XD Kammie and Michael then left on the shuttle to go back to their hotel and Thalia went to get her car.

I wondered back into the con and texted my CO Amy. Next thing you know, there they were: 6 of my CO "friends" sitting ins circle. I jumped right down and Kevin nearly jumped out of his skin because they didn't know I was going to be there XD I headed out with them to their hotel (which was the same one as Kammie's lol) and we chilled for a bit until we went out to get food at a gas station type place wo the gas station and we got pork buns and Leninade (it was sooo funny! XD there were so many comunist Russia jokes on the bottle) As I tried to throw out the bottle, it bounced back and shattered all over the floor =__= but then a second afterward an employee shattered a bottle XD it was soo funny! Kevin was all like "I was gonna say 'epic fail' but as soon as the employee droped one it was a WIN!" XD its strange, Kevin was actually being affectionate toward me. Usually he's a douche but Friday he made an effort to talk to me and to hug me and shit. It was weird XD

We walked back to the con and we sat around and talked. Then we went to the Last Comic Standing tryouts, which many were rather humorous. XD but many were lame and creepy... Nerd sex jokes are the worst!! D: anyway, my Dad picked me up afterward and I said bye to everyone. :3 I was SOOOOOOO tired but I talked to my bf a bit before passing out.

Day 3 (Saturday, July 4):
Sturday I woke up super early because Tsunku's panel was at 9. I got to the con around. 8:00 and just sat around til they let us in. The questions ppl asked him were pretty interesting. I think he's a lot more good looking in real life, LOL. I had to leave early to get to the Momusu autographing. I sat around from 9:30 to 12 waiting in a big room with creepy people. :P it was really bad, though, because I didn't know we had to have a 2nd ticket to get the autograph and I flipped out. Luckily a staff member recognized me and wrote a little note saying I could go in. I was sooooo nervous!! As I got to the front they took around 5 to confirm my note so I was so scared I wouldn't get to see the girls, but in the end they let me in. It was soooooo scary!! Waiting in line for over 3 hours at that point just to be wasted would have sucked...

Anyway, in the room Ai Takahashi was first. She was like "hello!!" and I got to shake her hand. I felt bad because my hands were FREEZING and probably clammy too. :( she was all like waving her hands and looked at me and said "cute! Cute!" and I was like "no, no, you are cute!!" it was so funny XD next was Risa who did her long crazy autograph. She said I looked cute too XD and she did this blowing thing and made hand gestures to tell me to let her autograph dry XD it was soooooo adorable! then was Eri. I was looking down and she was just like staring me down and was like "HIIII 83" XD haha. I got to shake her hand. I fumbled around a lot and all the girls kept apologizing! Haha. Then was Sayu who was like "princ....princess... princessu...?" trying to pronounce the word. It made me go "awwwww" on the inside. Omg! She took a look at Kammie's rings and thought they were cute. And I shook her hand. Then was REINA!! *3* omg! She got right down to business and looked so determined to complete the signatures. I shook her hand and moved onto Koha. She was like "cute!!" and signed. I shook her hand and moved on. Then there was Aika with a huge goofy smile! She signed and shook my hand. She also noticed Kammie's rings and was like "cute!!" Then JunJun. I tried speaking Chinese to her but I forgot it all X_x lol. Then Linlin. OMG Linlin X3 she was like "I like the color pink" XD I was so flabbergasted at her saying that. LOL. Aww.... Then I left and was sooo in aww.

I went to the dealers room to tell everyone about my encounter LOL. I especially wanted to tell Kammie that her rings were Momusu approved XD anyway, I saw Kim and becausedead in there and chatted with them a bit. I then found Kammie. She and Michael decided to go get foods so I went with. We went to a gas station type place. I got hit on my two guys, it was kind of awkward. And the food sucked. So Michael and I went back to the con while Kammie went to get changed into Cherry Bunny. So Michael went back to his table and hung out with their friends who were watching the booth while they were gone. I found Kim and deadbecause and Andrew and Maki and we all went and ate fries and sat around. We wandered around some more and chatted and pretty much just waited for Kammie to come back. Thalia was also helping Michael man the booth and her sister was looking really sick :( it was bad. Anyway, Kammie came back an hour or so before the AA closed. We took a bunch of pictures before we left the AA. Thalia, Joey, and I helped Michael and Kammie pack up their stuff and we all went to the main atruim place and lots of pictures of Thalia and Kammie were taken since they we're twining and looked adorable. We then found a bunch more lolis and we all took a big group shot. Joey offered to take us to purikura so Kammie got really excited. Unfortunate Thalia was unable to to go with us :( So Kammie, Michael, and I went to their hotel and put away their stuff and recharged Kammie's dead camera battery.

Joey picked us up with his friend, David (that was his name, right? God, I am so bad with this stuff!!) and we headed off. First we ate out for pho. Michael and I got our food switched so I was eating some weird as chicken curry crap LOL. But it was a good time, everyone is so nice!! Kammie even bought all of our food X3 awww.... I felt so bad, Kammie is way too nice! anyway, we then looked at gyaru clothing stores and Kammie bought a cute pair of fake nails. Finally we went to the purikura shop and took purikura all together. It was so cute and fun!! I'd never done purikura before and Kammie and Michael are like the grand masters of it X3 aww!! I'll post pictures when I'm back at home...which will be a while, lol. We started heading out around 11:30 or 11:45 (it takes so much time to do it!! O_o). I went home around 12:30 and had to quickly pack my life away yet again.

And now here I am, waiting at Chicago's Midway airport getting ready to go to NYC. Yay!!

And here's my list of things I bought:
-3 necklaces: 1 cupcake, 1 oarfait, 1 pokemon (all from Kammie)
-2 bow in whip cream rings (Kammie)
-2 headbows: 1 giant, 1 small (Michael)
-pearl chain broach (Lauren)
-momusu poster
-momusu visual book
-momusu t shirt
-3 photosets: 2 momusu, 1 Hangry&Angry

If you went to AX: I really had a good time meeting you all. Thanks for such a wonderful time. I'll try to see you next year maybe!!! :)

I'll post my pictures when I'm back home. Sorry if there are any typos, I wrote this from my blackberry pearl DX here comes the carpel tunnel!! DX

(no subject)

May. 27th, 2009 | 11:57 pm

Hello Everyone! I have realized that I am WAAAAAY overdue for a post. Tonight was amazing: I saw my idol finally in concert. If you don't already know, I freakin love Gwen Stefani and it was just an amazing experience. I was on the lawn, but still...OMG. I love the woman so much!! haha. I also got to meet Maja (I think that's her name...?) from the Sounds, as well as all the other guys in the band. I first learned of the Sounds from Cobra Starship’s "Snakes on a Plane" music video (her line is "oh, I'm ready for it!!" XD) and I kind of like their music. Now that I've met them in person it makes me want to look further into their music. I don't know, we'll see... OH! And I saw my manager at the concert XDD It was just like “y halo thar, Tim”

Anyway...life. It's pretty fantastic right now. I have a boyfriend (Jon, I talked about him in the last post) and we are pretty content as of the moment. I feel like he and I really connect and are very similar to one another in many aspects. Our first date was on May 3rd and we're still trucking on. I wonder how long I can hold a "real" relationship? Hmm... Anyway, Joni is a complete sweetheart and dork plus he's pretty good with the guitar. He loves music and took the time out of his life to listen to my favorite band. It made me smile so much when he quoted The Academy Is... lyrics XD

My brother has finally graduated from college. A masters in aerospace engineering... Yet he has no job. :/ I dunno, I don't want to be a nag, but he seriously needs to get his head out of the clouds and back into reality. He's not in college anymore, he needs to learn some life skills...

I had prom on the 16th. It was really fun. I went with a good friend, her boyfriend, and two of her friends. I didn't really enjoy their company, but it was fun letting loose with two of my past best friends. Not to mention the DJ played every song I NEEDED to hear. "Barbie Girl," "Don't Trust Me"(3OH!3), "Just Dance" and "Poker Face"(Lady Gaga), "Boom Boom Boom Boom"(Vengaboys), and "Shake It"(Metro Station). It was so fun. I love dancing.

After prom was also pretty fun. My Mom picked up my boyfriend (he couldn't go to prom because he was babysitting). My school goes all out and there were those blow up race things, a poker room, psychics, henna tattoos, caricatures, laptop giveaways, photo booths, mounds of food, and a professional photographer. We had so much fun!! And then my best friend Sam and his ex Hallie went and hung out at my house.

The 17th Jon and I went downtown and saw Dane Cook. It was amazing, I love that man so much!! He is so funny. And I helped a street performer pull a 4 foot balloon out of his throat after he swallowed it :O It was soooo embarrassing because he just took me out of the crowd and made me pull this wet balloon from his throat. EWWWW! Jon laughed his ass off at it...

Today one of my friends told me a really big secret. It really sucks when your friend's life influences your emotions so heavily even if you are in no way connected to the problem. I cried and was in a funk all day. I love my friend, I just feel so bad and found myself repeating the same phrase: "Why does life have to be so fucked up and unfair?"

Anyway, I am so tired and disjointed right now so I'll just leave with some pictures. Sorry about the choppy post XD I have been meaning to post something for a while...
photosCollapse )

Yet another day in the life...

Apr. 26th, 2009 | 01:01 am

As I sit here, I feel the need to artistically create....something. But I can't bring myself to do anything. :/ I have so many pastels and watercolors and paper and everything laying around yet...I don't know what to do. I've been having very strong feelings lately but I don't know how to express them. That, and I have such conflicting feelings and emotions right now and it keeps flipping. One instant I am happy, the next I'm freaked out, the next I'm back to my happy little corner. Augh...

So I'm failing Pre-Calc H. Straight up FAILING. I don't understand ANYTHING and I do not want to go in for help because I have intense anxiety around male teachers and grown ups. It's pretty bad. I want to go talk to one of the school councilors but they're never any help and it just...sucks. I don't know what to do and I HATE IT. And you know what I hate even more? I DON'T CARE. (I always get that Fall Out Boy song stuck in my head!!) The only thing I care about at this point is how much trouble I'm going to get in with my parents and how I might have trouble getting into college. I don't know... I just feel like there is no point to it. Derivatives are fucking ridiculous. Why the fuck would a normal person (ex: ME) need to know them? JESUS! This is such bullshit...

And there is more boy turmoil. One guy who I was pursuing until just recently just confessed that he likes me. It was just like "perfect timing".... lol. but oh well... It's nice having two guys vying for my attention. But it really sucks, because the guy from before (Kelson) keeps making plans with me but keeps falling through, and the new guy (Jon) doesn't have time because he has to baby-sit his sisters all the time. And then there is me who NEVER has time and it’s such a waste when Kelson has to cancel our plans. It's just like "I don't have time for this shit", y'know? It's a privilege to hang out with me and soon I'll only agree to hang with him if it's in a group with people who actually can be trusted (AKA my best friend, Sam) lol. Jon and I have been hanging out during lunch and I'm really thinking that the romantic thing will ever happen between him and me. I feel like I only pursue guys in order to get satisfaction and I'm kind of scared that's what's going on. We haven't made out yet, just small pecks and hugs. He's really fun to talk to, he has such funny mannerisms. I think he would make a really good best friend, just so much a perfect boyfriend. One of my good, good friends (she used to be my best friend) went out with him, so that will also be kind of weird. I'm scared to tell her because, like, they went out for a while and did the dirty and now don't talk to each other. I don't want that to happen. Jon is such a nice guy... Oh, and Grayson (the guy I went to NY with) has a new girlfriend so I guess he never really took me seriously. But I'm ok with that because I know I'm hot XD LOL. OH! And my ex boyfriend messaged my best friend, Sam, on Myspace to see if I had a boyfriend and see how I was doing. That is just fucking ridiculous. If you unfriend me on MySpace and Facebook then it's your own damn fault that you don't know what'd going on in my life... And if you REALLY wanted to know, you still know my number. Don't go behind my back. If I died, someone would tell you, don't worry...

So 2 weeks ago I went to those concerts I mentioned. They were all SOSOSOSO much fun! The lead singer of Cobra Starship, Gabe, remembered me on the second day of the concert. It was so nice. I love that guy!! lol. I hugged a bunch of band members at both tours and yeah... I didn't have concert withdrawal too bad, so that was good. I've found that I don't get too excited for concerts anymore... It's kind of weird and sad, but y'know, after exploring all the gossip communities, the whimsy and wonder of being a rock star has gone away. Speaking of which, a few members of said comms were discussing how the "scene" is rapidly disappearing and I don't disagree. Maybe it's because I'm growing older and thus don't notice anymore, but I don't see as many "scene" kids at my school. Sure, they're the arbitrary Hot Topic mall rat, but I've seen it disappearing. Also, I've been wondering about the The Academy Is... acoustic tour and whether it was to connect with the fans or if it was because they didn't have the funds to go on a real tour. A summer tour hasn't been announced for them yet and I'm scared they're going to break up or something. In fact, many bands seem like they're on the brink of braking up. I don't know :/ It's just so...scary for me since they are, like, a big part of my life (yes, I admit it).

Anyway, I've received Sugary Carnival and I don't look too fabulous in it, but I don't want to give up this print!! Also, I should be receiving my other dress soon. It's a winter dress so that kind of sucks as spring and summer roll around, but at least I'll have another print and will be partially prepared for next year :) lol.

My Dad and Mom said I couldn't go to AX. I am so pissed off... It's MY money!! I'm PAYING for MYSELF. IT'S FUCKING MORNING MUSUME!! I. CAN'T. MISS. THIS. "Bad timing" my ass... I am so pissed off!! =__=

FML. lol.

it's been a while

Apr. 12th, 2009 | 11:57 pm

Hey. Sorry I don't update AT ALL. >.< Argh, I suck like that!! :( Anyway, yeah, live is going great so I figure its time for me to say "hey" to you all (and attempt to avoid homework....fuuuuuuuuuuck)

You know that guy I was talking about who I totally liked? He ignored me after Monday. It was pretty depressing. Like, one moment he seemed into me, the next it was just...gone. I hate how that happens and after obsessing over it, I just gave up and was like "whatever!" no use crying, y'know? But my ex-boyfriend got totally pissed at me after a creepy obsessive facebook note and broke it off with me. Apparently I'm a materialistic bitch... FUCKING SUROPRISE! I’m a high schooler and own over one thousand dollars worth of dresses, most of which I’ve only worn once or twice. Seriously? Don’t tell me you didn’t know I was self centered. LOL. So he unfriended me on facebook and myspace. He bought plane tickets to come down for my prom a while ago and he can’t exchange them so I don’t understand how he expects me to want to pick him up from the airport or such shenanigans. I just think that was a rude move and more childish then my behavior. Whatever…

But anyway, that’s all behind me right now. I’ve fallen for someone named Kelson and he reciprocates the feelings. In 8th grade, he was one of my best friends. We lost touch when we went into high school and have only hung out with him a few times in the past two years but the first weekend of break, my best friend, Sam, decided to invite him to hang out with us. We ended up also inviting our other middle school friends, Tary and Steven, along. We went roller skating and it was so lolworthy. I got a few bruises and knocked a bunch of little kids down. :) Overall fun day. Sam gave me Kelson’s number and so we texted a bunch. The Friday of break (April 3rd) was his birthday. It’s funny that I’m a little over a month older then him XD but anyway, he, Sam, me, and our friend, Lauren, went out to eat ice cream before I had to go to work. Then the next day he invited me to go to a concert with him, which I did, and we had a good time. Then Saturday we were supposed to go on a double date with Sam and his girlfriend but the gf broke up with Sam and so all three of us still kind of hung out. We went out to Outback and had a good time. We got Sam’s favorite server and looked at my old photo album. Sam’s the same only slightly older, I got bangs and brush my hair now, and Kelson has lost weight. We were all so insecure back in 8th grade (we all met then) but are now a lot more confident. It’s funny how we’ve all changed… So anyway, after that we went to the new Drangonball Evolution live action movie for shits and giggles. It was amusing and had a lot of boobs. Lol. And then we got Baskin Robins (a new store just opened up near my house) and went and hung out at my house. :) And we have been talking a lot on MySpace and are making plans for next Saturday. So yeah…I’m happy LOL X3

I’m so excited!! There are concerts Monday (Sing it Loud and Friday Night Boys), Tuesday (Fall Out Boy, Metro Station, Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, and All Time Low), and Wednesday (Same as Tuesday). I am so stoked!! I also got to see The Academy Is… for the seventh time last month. :) I love going to live concerts, they are so much fun!!

Anyway… I’ve also begun a new painting. I got bored REAL fast of my last painting but now we’ve moved on to a self portrait. I couldn’t find any interesting pictures so I chose to paint the one of my icon XD I dunno, I find the facial expression amusing. The icon is from the first weekend I ever wore real lolita (which was just over a year ago!! OMG, it feels like I’ve been wearing loli so much longer then that). I have only worn the AatP jsk that one time. I really need to wear it again!! I’ve become way too AP print obsessed.

Speaking of AP brands, I JUST bought the pink Sugar Carnival OP for $350 shipped so I am SO excited!! That’s less than what my Wonder Party cost. :D And I think I just won the pink [I can’t remember print name] jsk (The one with the closets and little women and cute fur accessories. It’s kinda like the Osampo Candy-chan print but not). I’ve saved up my $1000 for my pre-college program and now get to end my buying freeze. What a great way to break brand sobriety and spend my federal refund then with two cute AP prints?! lol

Anyway, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Some New YorkCollapse )

Skate CityCollapse )

my painting and 2 outfitsCollapse )

Thanks for looking!! <3

back from New York City

Mar. 22nd, 2009 | 11:14 pm

Hey. I just got back from New York City and let me just say it was one of the most amazing trips of my life. I feel really dizzy right now, though. Maybe it's the thin oxygen or the lack of sleep or the exaustion or those drugs I took (jk). It kinda feels weird. Ugh... Anyway, I had so much fun. I had to wear business clothes and got to watch nerds grind on eachother (ew and lol). For the fuirst time ever, I was asked to dance and I bought 4 purses and 4 scarves in China Town (I bartered too!! and used a few choice Chinese words). I got to go to the United Nations and press buttons in the GA. I had a great time and bonded with one certain guy. I got to sit on the airplne home with him and he wrote a poem (HS guys are so cheesy but it was cute. It was about how he had butterflies in his stomach because he was sitting next to a certain girl. I dunno, he might be a player or he might be serious. I just find him to be very entertaining and fun to be around) and we held hands and it was cute. Also, I got to go to the Met for an hour and I got to see a bunch of Roman marble statues and some Greek statues. I freaked out like a chicken with its head cut off. I love Roman staues. And I also saw some Degas, Van Gough, Monet, Turner, Goya, Raphael, etc. etc. It was amazing. I NEED to go back!!! Anyway, I may post some photos later. :) Off to sleep! I have school tomorrow =__= ugh. Good night!!

(no subject)

Mar. 15th, 2009 | 06:24 pm

I got a check for $214 in the mail yesterday for state income tax returns. I've officially paid my dad $1000 for my share of the pre-college program I plan on going to. YAY! Now I can buy lolita and other random normal stuff again! Also, I need to save for my plane ticket to AX and $75 for AX reg and Momusu ticket. YAY! And I'll be in New York on Wednesday. YAY! That's my disjointed update for today. lol.

short update

Mar. 2nd, 2009 | 09:55 pm

Well, nothing much has been happening in my life. I have a busy month ahead of me, though. My birthday came and went and now I have to struggle on through school. I'm surprised it's almost midterm. It's scary, really! Anyway, in a little over two weeks, I'll be in New York City being a complete dipshit in normal business attire trying to act like a united nations representative. Yeah, it's for Model UN and I don't expect much good to come out of it. Luckily, I went out and bought a new pair of dress pants and a skirt from express and a few cute shortsleeved sweaters. I love Express! But I really wish I could wear lolita but they won't let me. I don't even know why I'm in the club, to tell the truth. I have fun but not as much fun as I have dressing up. I'm just tired of the pimple-y assholes who can't get laid who I often compete against. Bleh. Oh well.

In three weeks I'm going to go see The Academy Is...'s acoustic set, which I am very excited for. TAI... is my favorite band and I can't wait to see them acoustic! And I got my second fanclub package! I got a laminent, shirt, sticker, and pins. Nothing to special, their fanclub kind of sucks. Oh well :)

I didn't really get anything for my birthday. I was really hoping for a trip to go see Morning Musume but that doesn't seem plausible at the moment. But it really pains me to think I might never see them. Sure, it's only 5th generation on, but they are still incredibly dear to my heart. :/ Ugh.... We'll see.

Anyway, Maki Goto released another colab with SWEET BLACK which, in my opinion, is AWESOME. I love the song and can't help but think Maki is utterly appealing (something that I would have never said when she was still on Up Front Agency/H!P). I wish I could be dressed up like her. *o* Not to mention her last outfit totally rocks the Arithra(sp?) hat XDD
See the high quality PV over at:

Anyway, I need to go continue my homework and go to sleep. I am so tired =__= And I really need a haircut! OMG! Oh well.

Lolita Birthday Party Meetup

Feb. 22nd, 2009 | 09:55 pm

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Colorado Valentine's tea party

Feb. 9th, 2009 | 10:23 pm

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